Audacity for iPad

Evolution is inevitable in tech, so whenever something new comes out you just know that there is a piece of hardware that just got phased out. In this case, there is a chance that when more powerful tablets come out that desktop PCs will be replaced. Ok, so not all of the forms of the desktop will be phased out, but there will be a point where only a few will appreciate the power of a tower desktop PC. The point here is that with each new wave of technology, software will be there to adapt to these new devices. So here is the question that leads you to this article, is the program Audacity for the iPad now? Unfortunately, the answer is a wholly resounding no, but the program was actually released for the Mac if you own one of their laptops or desktop computers.

Audacity for iPad

Audacity iPad – Why isn’t it up for grabs?

There is now doubt that you’ve probably seen countless “iPad recording sessions” that make it seem like Audacity would be on the iPad. The fact here is that Audacity needs a lot more than what the iPad has in its guts. The iPad is a powerful device, and no doubt the way it was made make it one of the fastest and most efficient tablets. The thing here is that Audacity churns out very high quality output, the kind that needs multi-core laptops and PCs in order to perform this single action. This goes even double for mixing and editing tracks on the fly, as Audacity has big library when it comes to editing options which all need more power in order to achieve. The iPad’s inherent lack of power is the prime reason why Audacity can’t function on it. However, as the videos do show you, there are other alternatives to Audacity when it boils down to recording and some very simple recording. Looking them up on the app store should yield you some results on that matter.

Where does Audacity Mac function?

As was mentioned above, Audacity really does need a lot more power for it to function. Anything with lower hardware than a laptop or a desktop won’t be able to run the program properly. However, while the program is a bit limited in terms of what type of hardware can run it, it is not limited in terms of diversity. The Mac has a full version, which is free to download, and its other peers, Windows and Linux, can also run the program. This kind of freedom in terms of OS support really makes up for the fact that the program’s hardware needs. At the same time, recording and editing is a breeze if you manage to get your hands on a few tutorials.

Is it still worth it?

Audacity Mac is a powerful tool; however, tablets cannot boast the same. If you really do just plan to record on you iPad or any tablet for that matter, then that means you need to evaluate just how much quality you want out of your recordings. Maybe in the future Audacity on iPad will be available, but until then, you’ll have to find an alternative to Audacity.