Audacity Vs Garageband

Garageband or audacity?

No doubt that if you’re reading this then you’re probably looking for a piece of software that will best suit your recording needs. Of course, there are tons of samples and different programs out there, but obviously some will come out on top, beyond just that of personal preference. In fact, if you do a little research you might spot two very prominent pieces of software floating around on the internet, specifically, Audacity Vs. Garageband, which is really right for you to use?

The differences in the programs

Okay, the first thing to really get out of the way is the price range that these two are set at. Now if you’ve only been browsing for the right software, then you might have missed the price ranges that these two are set at. Audacity, while providing some pretty accurate and detailed editing options, is free of charge. That’s right, its freeware that you can download anytime you want and the best part is that it’s constantly being updated to fix any bugs that might hamper your progress. Garageband is also free, however, the upgrade requires that you cough up $11.49, but what you pay for is what you get, so expect spectacular recording samples and audio quality when you edit something on this program.

Garage Band

In terms of features and overall program performance, there are some key things left out on each of these respective recorders. Audacity has an array of all the basic features, and at the same time, it tries to tweak these by giving you a tad more features. On the program, you can cut and paste tracks from your library, or samples, which you can then mix in with the whole track. At the same time, Audacity can edit the track so that the pitch would be altered, while leaving the tempo as it is and the same goes for the reverse. These are not available on Garageband, and instead the program makes up for it by giving the user a plethora of different virtual instruments.  From this, it is evident that Garageband is really a program that takes after its name; which is a program aimed at amateur musicians, while as Audacity has its hooks firmly dug into the editing crowd.

Audacity Vs GarageBand

As for expansiveness, each program caters to specific file types and usually produces varying levels of quality when they create output. Audacity offers a wildly expansive amount of output file formats. It can support and produce .Flac, .Mp3, .AAC, MIDI, and even the infamous .Ogg formats. Garageband tends to limit what it produces, these include MIDI, Mp3, and AAC file formats. However, Garageband does get extra points for allowing a very high bit-rate on playback as it is a piece of software aimed at audiophiles trying to record on a high quality. Lastly, Garageband is limited to the Apple OSx, so everyone reading this from a PC, go for Audacity unless you have and iPhone handy. Audacity supports all major OS’s, Linux, Windows, and OSx are all viable for use of this program.

At the end of it, Audacity stands a bit taller than Garageband because of all the support it gives out. However, it is also limited by overall quality with what it produces. For people running podcasts, Audacity sound editor has all you will ever need and more, and for those with Macs and are looking for more of a musically inclined piece of software, Garageband is the way to go